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27 September 2014 @ 02:00 am
ahhhh okay so it's 1:45am and i need to get up at like 8 or 9 tomorrow BUT i wanna write about this NOW while it's FRESH

(also yes i've been really absent, but my computer died and was in the hands of the apple geniuses for like a week but now it's back so yay!!)

(also also i'm so tired and also getting some sort of delayed buzz idk i was 100% sober driving home but now that i'm laying down it's hitting me or something?? so i apologize for...the lack of coherence or w/e)

so tonight was a screening for a movie i worked on last march. idk how common of knowledge this is but james franco teaches a class at usc and this class made a feature film about don quixote. i was a pa/camera pa on this film. (i never shared words with franco, but i did share air and take creeper snapchats and sent them to my brothers)

ANYWAY so yeah tonight was the screening and a. I WAS SO IMPRESSED WITH THE MOVIE like i don't wanna say surprised but i was really impressed with it esp considering there were ELEVEN directors b. IT WAS SO NICE TO SEE ALL OF THE CREW AGAIN ahh i wanna cry it was so nice i miss all of these people it's been like six months since i've seen them and idk it's just...when you're on a film set for 12+ hours a day, six days a week, you really get to know people and they become like this little short-term, makeshift family and then it's so sad when it's over and i just realized how much i miss and love these people and it's probably the last time i will see them in a long time and im just really emotional about it

okay so i got there and then i met up with my camera buds and one of the camera buds, ugh he is so cute and so sweet and gives such amazing hugs and i just wanna dATE HIM!!!!! but as of the wrap party like six months ago he was in a relationship with this girl and had been for like six years so i mean that seemed really off the table and wow this sounds like it's gonna lead somewhere good for me but it's NOT spoiler alert

anyway so the bunch of us caught up and then we got seats and watched the movie (this was at like 8:30) and YEAH SO GOOD!! idk i think it was good i hope it gets a cool distribution also franco was there

then there was like an after party or w/e and i got to see more people and it was so nice and so fun and we stayed until we got chased out and then a couple of us went to a bar across the street

and me and this girl julie that was a plus one to someone at the screening chatted a bunch and it was really fun and then we somehow made friends with some strangers idk how that happened but the guy (it was a couple) gave me his phone number and like wanted all four of us to hang out idk it was weird but then julie got distracted so i ran to the bathroom to get away and then found jon and one of the other crew guys carmen and they "caught me up to speed" on their convo which was like jon telling me that he's bi and he hasn't told his parents yet but his mom is being weird and now he's dating this guy and i'm just like UGH IF YOU WERE GONNA BREAK UP WITH YOUR LONGTERM GF WHY COULDN'T YOU START DATING ME but yeah then he showed me this text string with him and his bf and it was cute and fine jon u win just be cute and bi with ur bf WHATEVER

anyway it was a really awesome night i was out and about and being social for SO LONG and it rarely happens that i enjoy it so much and it was so nice to see everyone and wow i just miss set life and people i work with and idk how to end this but it's 2am now and i need to sleepy
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16 September 2014 @ 11:07 am
i missed yesterday but i have a good reason this time!! i was at work all day and then right after we had the ANW wrap party!! and i got pretty tipsy and came home and crashed!! but anyway i'm gonna talk about yesterday now because i'm really not in the mood to actually work right now.

so around 5:30 we had a sort of "meeting" for my department but basically my boss made me and the coordinators and assistant editors mimosas and thanked us for a great season. we went over a few things we still had to do but pretty much just all hung out and chatted about a bunch of stuff like the state of the world and conspiracies and it was pretty fun. so that basically went to the end of the work day and then it was like WRAP PARTY TIME!! so everyone left and we were like "see you soon!"

i went home and changed and my roommate's boyfriend drove her and me to the party and we got free drink tickets so i only ended up buying one drink for myself but actually had...five, i think over the course of the 3+ hour evening. it started off nice i just hung out with a bunch of people i work with every day and munched on some snacks. then i started mingling a little more and talking to people who had been done for a while at the office and catching up with them and stuff.

and then the ninjas started showing up. kacy catanzaro and her bf brent steffensen were kind of the big ticket names (i'd noticed a few other ninjas earlier and that was cool but kacy is from texas so i was really surprised she was there!!) and i talked to both of them and they were so cool and chill. and i took a pic with kacy and then we got this big group photo with our whole little post department with kacy and brent and one of the other ninjas, evan dollard.

evan and i ended up talking to for the better part of an hour at least because after the pic i told him i'd seen his captain america video and he was like "NOOOOO! YOU SAW THAT?!?!? OH GOD" and we just ended up talking for a really long time. i didn't expect that, i just kinda wanted to be like "i saw this video like a month ago and i was like WAIT I KNOW THAT GUY THAT GUY IS A NINJA" (because that was how i reacted it was so weird) and be on my way but somehow we just ended up talking about all kinds of stuff. at points other people joined us like another ninja ben melick and producers and kacy and stuff and i got all kinds of dirt and it was so awesome. also evan was really charming like there was something about the way he laughed that was just so endearing--it was kinda like chris evans in that he just throws himself into it and has this really body and face encompassing laugh (no boob grab tho) and if i said i didn't have a crush on him now i would be a LIAR. eventually we went our separate ways but we bumped into each other a few other times and we hugged when i left.

so yeah that's about it, really. we probably would have stayed a little longer if my roommate didn't start feeling icky, but there weren't a ton of people still there when we left and a lot of people left with us so it wasn't really a big deal.

i should probably get back to work now. bleeeeeeh.
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14 September 2014 @ 07:11 pm
whoops i slacked for two days. i didn't really forget, i just didn't know what to write about and was tired and lazy so i just didn't.

anyway. um. friday was my roommate's last day at ninja warrior with me. she's leaving for a vacation to france on wednesday that i'm super jealous about. i've still got two weeks with the ninjas and i'm not really looking forward to it. but we have a wrap party tomorrow and i'm pretty excited about that.

yesterday my roommate and i went out with some people for korean bbq and ohhhh em gee it was so delicious. it was the second time i've had and gosh it's just really awesome. super delicious. i'm so about it. and it was a really fun night.

today i didn't do anything but facetime with my parents. we talked for like two hours about stuff. got my dad thinking about coming for a visit and road-tripping up the west coast. i so want to do it. it's been almost a year since we left to drive me across the country and we had such a blast and i miss it and wanna do it again and so does he so i really hope he tries to make it work for him to come out and drive to like the pacific northwest or at least like yosemite or something. idk if my mom will come or not, she doesn't seem thrilled with being a car that long. but dad and i know we can do it. we survived the midwest, we can survive anything!!

anyway that's about it for me right now. just cooking some dinner and trying to enjoy the fact that i have nothing to do because tomorrow it's back to work!! and i'll have an editing project on top of that really soon.
11 September 2014 @ 11:24 pm
september 11th is always a weird day for me. i was pretty young when the whole thing happened, but i wasn't so young that i don't remember. but it's been over half of my life since it happened.

i was in sixth grade when it happened. we'd just gotten back to our classroom from music class. our teacher told us what happened and i remember turning on the news for a little while. i don't really remember the rest of the day, but i remember coming home and my mom was really upset and she went down to the church for a really long time to pray after my dad got home. i don't think i was old enough that it truly resonated with me like it resonated with adults. i don't think i understood the scale. i knew people died and i knew it was sad know, there's so much that goes over your head at that age. i don't remember being scared or worried or anything like that. maybe it was, but that's not something i recall.

honestly i think i prefer it that way. i'm glad i can remember it, but i'm glad it wasn't a deeply emotional day for me.

today's a day that tends to make me really pensive now that i'm older though.