20 April 2020 @ 03:55 pm
25 October 2013 @ 08:18 pm
ahhh i'm in la and settled and a lot of things have happened lately and i've told none of you about any of it i'm the worst!!!!!!!!!

anyway all of the meetings i talked about last time went well, though did not immediately lead to anything. i've been scouring specific job sites pretty much since i got here and applying to a million things. i'm like at 5% success rate when it comes to hearing back from places but i'm 100% at getting jobs from the people i do hear from!! ahahhahaha

basically i got a PA job on a short film that shot over two days and didn't pay but was a good connection and went really well (more on this in a sec)

THEN i got an internship at a company (i say company, but it's a guy and his 20 year old assistant) that films weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs and stuff and edits them too. i've been there three days so far and i mean i don't want to spend my life editing weddings but i'm learning good stuff about final cut i didn't know before!! it's good experience and a way to fill my time

THEN i got an internship at a production company! today was my first day there and i didn't do A LOT but i did drive around a bunch and read a script. which is basically what my whole job will be there--going on runs and reading scripts.

so all that stuff is going/went well i just need to find something that pays soon cuz not having an income is rough and i only have so much savings

BUT the guy that directed/produced the short i worked on just hired me to work on a feature that's filming for two weeks in november and that WILL pay so that's exciting! plus if that goes well he may call me for other stuff and while it won't be steady, it'll be something

otherwise i'm just hoping to hear back from other jobs i've found that do pay at least a little and/or are more related to editing film and tv but so far no dice

anyway besides boring job stuff i've been meeting people and making new friends i mean it's all through my roommate leah like it's all her friends but they are nice and i like them and i have kind of a social life on the weekends plus i'm making friends at work too so it's good everything is going well tbh!!

also my paid account is about to expire so sad :(